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Memory Letter Challange I
Rabu, 30 November 2011 | 8:32 PG | 0 dazzle(s)
Disebabkan , aku pun tk thu mu update apa.Kalau masuk blog nie.Jdi , Azka ada buat stu challange.Azka akn buat slpas Challange y  stu tu slesai.

Day 1-How Many Pupils In Your Class?
Day 2-What are your memories with your friends?
Day 3-Are any groups or page In Facebook about your classmates?
Day 4-Give at less 5 Pictures of your classmates.
Day 5-When UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM result out.How the situation around you?
Day 6-Most memorable trips you will not forget?
Day 7-Are any Post(s) about your classmates or before?
Day 8-Are any of your friends have Facebook.Describe it!
Day 9-Your classmates who have a positions.Describe more!
Day 10-Best quotes to your friends.
Day 11-Give 3 Pictures more.
Day 12-Write your classmates who have moved.From year 1 ! :3
Day 13-How many school have you moved.Until now.
Day 14-Give a category to your teacher.
Day 15-Write 'I Love and Miss you My friends.Yeah!It's our last meeting but not last memory! ♥'
Amacam , menarik tak?Nak join ! Can , tpi credit au!haha..