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15 days Confession Challenges
Ahad, 6 November 2011 | 5:38 PG | 0 dazzle(s)
haha..edit again!use photofilter.!=))

Day 1: Your crushes
Day 2: Your biggest fear
Day 3: Something you hate about yourself
Day 4: Something you like about yourself
Day 5: Something you regret
Day 6: Something you pretend to hate but secretly like
Day 7: Something nobody knows about you
Day 8: Something embarrassing
Day 9: Someone you hate
Day 10: Someone you love
Day 11: One thing you wish you could do without anyone knowing
Day 12: One thing you would confess to your best friend
Day 13: One thing you would confess to your parents
Day 14: One thing you would confess to your crush
Day 15: Anything else you want to confess
 Blog-blog walking..tibe2 jmpa challanges nie!hehe..kita pn ikut jerklah..:))
Tpi,challange yg kedua blm lgi siap!haha..mlas!:P