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Hot And Mega Giveaway By Amni and Fatimah
Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011 | 3:44 PG | 0 dazzle(s)
tag aainaa and aisyah :))


*  2x slimming voucher by My FeltHouse

*  header 2X and template 2x by Hazani and amni

* 1x top/dress by Korean Darsha

doodle (1 boy , 1 girl ) by hazani and Izzat

edit full blog,template denim by Alia Afifah

url blocquote by Ace Sya

top-up RM10 by Nurul Basyirah 

simple header transparent by Syasya

sidebar image by Anisah

* Edit full blog by Farah ( 1 boy , 1 girl )

* Topup RM 5 1x by Farah

* Inner 2-Tone Ayunar and match pashmina by Ayunar

* 1x top by LovelyFashion Stuff

* 1x header by Fatimah Azzarah 

* Edit full blog by Nurul Sarah Izzati

Mystery prize by Ekieyda Zilly